PHILIPPE FORTABAT LABATUT, is from Biarritz (Basque Country); his father, Jules LABATUT, a training colleague of MARCEL CERDAN, was one of the professors of SERGE BLANCO, of the OLYMPIC BIARRITZ.

PHILIPPE FORTABAT LABATUT is Black Belt of Judo and Jujitsu - Professor EMILE LAGACHE (5th Dan of Judo) in Biarritz, Stage in La Flèche with JACQUES LE BERRE (9th Dan of Judo, European Champion), Brown Belt of Karate with SOPHIE BERGER , (6th Karate Dan, World Champion) and Aikido with EMILE LAGACHE (2nd Dan of Aikido), and he followed in Biarritz Henri YRIARTE's English Boxing practice of the Biarrot Glove

In Biarritz (With Pierre DESTANDAU, future player of Aviron Bayonnais) and in La Rochelle, he practiced Rugby, Football, Basketball and Hand.
At the Ecole Militaire de La Fleche and the Ecole Militaire de Paris he practiced fencing and horse riding.

He practiced Skydiving with the National Union of Parachutists of Lorraine and La Ferté Gaucher.
Official of the Customs Brigades, he practiced shooting and was fired at the Shooting Federation with Para-Tir Association of the National Union of Parachutists.
Joined the Swimming Club Goelands Biarritz, he also practiced Surfing Biarritz

He did a Moto training at the Gendarmerie School of Fontainebleau.

Since 2014, he has been registered on the List of Sports Representatives of the Bar Association of Paris.

The sports site SPORT AND PRONOSTICS, is held by his son, Christophe LABATUT, who made the Rugby School of the BOPB - BIARRITZ OLYMPIQUE and played in CADET and CRABOS with Alex ARRATE (currently in TOP 14 at the Stade Français) and Théo DACHARY (Currently at BO)